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Howell Consulting Group believes in efficiency and collaboration. We understand that while all organizations face the same obstacles, solutions need to be tailored to the needs of the client. Through a dynamic planning process, HCG can effectively look at programs and develop organizational strategies that will allow success and growth. While putting a high priority on progress and sustainability, we firmly believe that there is no detail too small and no task too large to complete. Our consultants and collaborators become invested in the success of our clients, and we fully believe in the potential of every project.

We are...

Simple. Howell Consulting Group prides itself on bringing our client tools and resources that are easy to understand. We customize all services to each client's needs so that everyone from community member to CEO can understand.Simple

Efficient. Our services get your needs met without costing you an extensive number of hours. We will negotiate flat rate, hourly or any type of pay structure that works for your organization; but no matter, Howell Consulting Group will complete our assignment in a timely manner.Efficient

Effective. Our consultants have a proven record of affecting change within an organization. You can bet that by choosing Howell Consulting Group to meet your needs, you will be more than satisfied. Effective


Howell Consulting Group?

Howell Consulting Group is a small organizational development consulting firm based in San Diego County. We have extensive experience with non-profits, community driven and guided initiatives. We are able to serve our clients on initiatives and projects throughout the world.

We offer a very broad range of organizational development and capacity building services. While many of our services cut across different industries and sectors, overtime we have come to specialize in specific arenas, such as early childhood prevention and education, arts education, and domestic violence and sexual assault, just to name a few.

We are a small team and are dedicated to high quality and customized services. We collaborate with a myriad of other consultants, firms, and specialists in our industry. We are a learning organization, and believe that these relationships help strengthen our knowledge and abilities.

Our Beliefs, Mission, and Core Values

We are selective in choosing both clients and collaborators;

Our Clients: we believe to best serve our clients, our values, beliefs and mission must be in alignment with our clients'. Additionally we believe in being as passionate about our clients goals as our client is about thier goals. This ensures that you, the client, will be successful in your mission while we are successful in serving you. We consider the HCG-Client relationship, a partnership. As a consulting firm, word-of-mouth is our most common and most valued marketing tool and we believe that we are not successful if our clients are not successful.

Our Process: in our HCG-Client relationships, communication is herald as our most important asset. We begin our relationships with others by having a conversation about the client's organization, goals, needs, etc. and follow that with an explanation about HCG, who we are, how we do business, our history, our staff and partners, if we feel we are a good match to help, and if so, how we would help. During all levels of the process, we encourage open and constructive dialogue; most of our client relationships last no less than a year, and many times continue for more than three years. Open and continous communication with our clients ensures that our client's needs are always met and that HCG has maintained our quality service and tools at every level.

Our Collaborators: they are as important to us as our own independent employees; our collaborators don't only represent Howell Consulting Group, but they represent our values. We bring on a collaborator only after we have directly worked with them and seen positive results directly impacted from their work.

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Client Quotes

What Clients Have Said About HCG

Allowing our organic process..."Thank you for your great skill in guiding us in the process, asking the right questions, bringing us the Personality Assessment and other tools and your flexibility to allow for our organic process.  Please say you will lead us in retreats quarterly!”

Lisa Marin Vice President of Programs, Para Los Niños

Incredibly helpful...“This was more than a training. It was a well-organized engaging experience that provided a clear framework for working with groups to accomplish tasks and critical goals… Additionally, Aja and Ariana, you felt the pulse of the group, provided great flow of activities, were positive, flexible, and supportive, and you supplied easily accessible materials and great visuals.”

Jaqueline Cardenas Superintendent, Los Nietos Unified High School District

Thank you for your expertise..."Thank you for your expertise in ToP Facilitation training.  The staff was pleased with the knowledge gained from the training.  Please note that we are available to provide recommendations to any other groups that are considering you or your team as trainers.  Again thank you for your professionalism and excellent service."

Georgia A. Thompson Program Manager, Bienvenidos, Los Angeles

Pointing us in the right direction...

“Thank you for helping us update our strategic plan and solidify the implementation process.  It’s going great!  You do an amazing job and I VERY MUCH loved working with you and appreciate all your help in pointing us in the right direction.” 

Kirsten Girard CA Teacher-of-the-Year
Arts Teacher, Grossmont Union High School

Made the difference...

“Howell Consulting Group made clear the difference between real accomplishments and interminable discussion of possible options. They brought together and re-ignighted engaged collaborative partner agencies and a group with diminishing interest and attendance.  Their approach to strategic action planning and their action plan follow-up meetings provided us cohesive plans with benchmarks and real-world achievements.  We would definitely hire HCG again!”

Anonymous Project Director
A Community Non-Profit Agency