Primary Service Categories

Organizational AssessmentsUnderstanding your organizations strengths, weaknesses, and areas for growth can help you develop strategies that will enable your organization to reach the next level. We offer a variety of tools and processes that can help you better understand your organization and dissect the symptoms you are experiencing to reach the core challenges. Once identified, we help you develop solid actionable plans for overcoming barriers and reaching your organizational goals.

Formal assessment tools available:

  • Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT)
  • People Test Systems Personality Profiling     and Job Matching Assessment
  • HCG™ 360 Review Process
  • Planning & FacilitationHaving facilitated literally thousands of meetings to date, ranging from a small team meaningful dialogues session for a team that needs problem solving, to large community planning initiatives where hundreds of people are involved over a series of several months; we are experts in this area. We can help facilitate your planning sessions or help guide your staff to improve their own planning and facilitation efforts.

    Most requested facilitation support typically includes:

  • Board/Staff Retreats
  • Learning Exchanges
  • Professional Learning Communities
  • Feedback Sessions
  • Focus Groups
  • Program Design 
  • Action Planning (6-12 months)
  • Strategic Planning (3-5 years)
  • “Think Tanks” 
  • Community Planning Sessions
  • Board DevelopmentCritical to the effectiveness of an organization is the leadership at the top. An engaged and energized board can serve as a catalyst for organizational growth and success. Our Board development services include, but are not limited to:

  • Evaluation of performance
  • Training and education
  • Identification of skills and talents
  • Recruitment methods and strategies 
  • Orientation procedures
  • Group dynamics
  • Team BuildingThere are many types of teams, but what all teams share is the need or desire to achieve or service something together. Whether you want to develop more cohesion amongst the team, clarify team roles and responsibilities, or set basic team goals, our team building sessions will help you get there. Team Building can take place through a variety of formats and settings, and process may vary greatly depending upon desired objectives. 

    Leadership Development &
    Executive Coaching
    In today’s world a new type of leadership is required. We are dedicated to assisting individuals and organizations in optimizing their resources for specific targeted and sustainable results.

    We have several tools focusing on foundational, vital leadership skills such as decision making, delegating, gaining commitment, and coaching that can help identify the developmental needs of current and future leaders at all levels within organizations.

    Project ManagementImplementation projects can be complex. We help tie the pieces together and provide you with peace of mind. We offer a variety of project management and coordination options to help ensure your team has the tools and resources to manage the scope, timeline, and budget of any project. We can partner with you throughout your project — from establishing a project plan to helping you reach benchmarks along the way to the project’s successful conclusion.

    Change ManagementWe understand the growing pains that an organization can go through when making any major organizational change. We help organizations adapt through changes such as restructures, layoffs, and switching technology solutions. Whatever your change needs, our consultants will work with you to make sure that your transition is a smooth one.


    Howell Consulting Group provides a broad range of organizational development interventions and capacity building services to provide support for local, state, and national organizations and initiatives. By providing organizations with basic concepts, methods, techniques, and tools we help create even more effective organizations.

    Our Primary Services Include:

  • Organizational Assessments
  • Planning & Facilitation
  • Board Development
  • Team Building
  • Leadership Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Professional Development and Training
  • Our initial consultations are free. Contact us today to set up an appointment to discuss your needs.


    ToP® Facilitation Training

    We offer the following classes in facilitation, under the auspices of the United States Institute of Cultural Affairs:

    ToP® Facilitation Methods
    • If you work with groups that need high-level participation to be effective, including
    • Managers and supervisors executive directors and board members facilitators, trainers and consultants educators and health practitioners, active citizens and community workers, then this training is for you. Learn three proven ways to activate group participation. Hands-on practice helps you discover practical uses in your life and work. Covered methods
    • include:

    • The Focused Conversation Method:
      This common sense approach leads to a meaningful exchange of ideas; conduct purposeful discussions and capture a group's best thinking easily, while surfacing new ideas and solutions and stimulating candid feedback.

    • The Consensus Workshop Method:
      This structured process is so engaging people are energized getting to consensus; tap rational and intuitive thought processes and integrate diverse ideas, then generate practical and creative solutions and develop group consensus.

    • The Action Planning Method:
      These practical steps help groups plan, organize resources and build commitment by
    • visualizing a successful result, analyzing the current reality, creating a practical plan and
      maximizing group involvement.

    ToP® Strategic Planning*
    If you're an executive, manager, or other who is concerned with successful implementation of organization strategies, or board member, educator and individual responsible for design and facilitation of organizational plans, than the TSP is ideal. Participatory Strategic Planning presents a structured planning process which incorporates the group facilitation methods into productive action and concrete accomplishments that:
  • Enhance your capacity for creative strategy     building.
  • Enable group to come to a common vision     and create a "participant-owned" plan that     deals with the realities blocking the group.
  • Experience and practice the complete     strategic planning process of vision,     contradictions, strategic directions and     implementation.
  • Demonstrate how to weave together the     basic tools into longer formats and retreat     settings.

    *The required pre-requisite course: ToP® Facilitation Methods, or TFM, is required to be completed, prior to taking the TSP.
  • Application Design Laboratory

    The Application Design Lab was created for those who have been introduced to the powerful ToP® methods and would like to refine their use of them "on-the-job."

    This one-day course focuses on creating a design for a participatory event you will facilitate. You will work in small teams with ToP® trainers assisting you to design facilitation solutions to "real" concerns.

  • Learn to apply ToP® facilitation methods to     your actual cases
  • Explore the stages of a Facilitator's journey
  • Practice the selected method for your next     facilitation.

  • Custom designed for in-house focus! Who Should Take This Course? Anyone who has taken group Facilitation Methods and wants to build confidence and explore new applications of ToP® methods. Benefits include:
  • Increased confidence
  • Enhance your personal capacities
  • Share experiences with others
  • Uncover new methods applications
  • Create a design for a real solution
  • Learn More About ICA's ToP® Trainings


    Howell Consulting Group develops training plans for teams and professionals at all levels within an organization. Our professional development services are specifically tailored to help your staff gain skills provide solutions that work for your organization. With that in mind, we will often create or design new training series specifically for our client’s needs.

    Each training is customized to your team/organization as we believe that content is richest and most successfully integrated when it’s matched with the specific needs and expectations of the individuals and organizational teams enrolled. We go beyond training, to really look at integrated learning. We want you to feel ensured that staff are clear on roles and expectations, doing the right jobs, the right way, with the proper training.

    HCG Custom Trainings

    Leadership and Management:

    Transformational Leadership
    Situational Leadership
    Coaching as a Manager
    Providing Constructive and Effective Feedback
    Grant Writing 101
    Developing Ownership and Accountability
    Improving Time Management Skills
    Succession Planning
    Basics of Talent Management

    Team Building and Collaboration:

    Participatory Planning
    Team Building - How to Build Cohesion
    Methods for Leading more Focused Conversations
    Team Styles Inventory

    Sensitivity and Diversity:

    Cultural Diversity
    Emotional Intelligence
    Conflict Management

    Community and Stakeholder Participation:

    Generating Community Input
    Organizing Community Events
    Assessing Community Resources

    Communications Related Topics:

    Effective Messaging
    Presentation Skills
    Public Speaking
    Communicating Assertively and Effectively
    Telling Your Organizational Story
    Use of Social Media for Non-Profits

    Resource Development:

    Budgeting in Non-Profits Post-Recession

    Other Topics:

    Stress Management Practices
    General Capacity Building Strategies
    Time Management Skills
    Non-Profit Start-Up Information Sessions
    Mind Mapping


    Us, Getting To Know You. We are experienced. Our Senior Consultants have contracted with over 50 clients, serving more than 350 organizations through direct services and initiative level supports. Take a minute and look over our clients page to see highlights of the work we are doing and the clients we have supported.